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Oh my god, I want to cry. Thank you for posting this. I've been using bricksmith for only a few weeks, and I figured the vertical split out once, then didn't open bricksmith for a week, and couldn't remember how to reopen them after searching the entire manual and googling for literally days. Thank you. I could only remember the tiny (and sometimes hidden due to ui bug) button to split horizontally, but that was not enough for me to remember that I needed to hover and wait for the tool tip, then interpret the second line properly.

If I ever get a spare sec, I'll see if there's somewhere I can submit an update to the doc. Probably not the UI (a menu option or an icon would be glorious), I know nothing about dev for mac native apps.

I registered just to thank you. I finally found this link after googling one last time because my workarounds of layering open instances were getting a little out of control.
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