LPub3D: Output resolution change?

RE: LPub3D: Output resolution change?
(2019-07-06, 15:28)Victor Di Rienzo Wrote: Other option you can add to the pdf export is to merge all the objects of the page i to 1 image.

Let me explain. When you export the pdf you can open it with coreldraw or adobe illustrator or any of those software and the model is 1 image, the pli is other and the background is other.

The idea is to be able to merge all of them as its done when you export a png file so. The final pdf cant be edited.

A collateral behaviour of GitHub ticket #304 is exactly the behaviour you have described. The reason for this is that in order to manipulate the pixel density of the PDF document, I first create an image object of each page at the specified export DPI and then write that object to the pdfWriter. This is a change from the behaviour before #304 where I directly rendered the scene to the pdfWriter so the scene's objects were individually painted. You can enable this behaviour by checking the "Use Page Image" box shown below. This setting is preserved after the dialogue is closed.

.png   LPub3D_Pixel_Ratio_Tooltip.png (Size: 16.62 KB / Downloads: 33)

Here is a graphic comparing a default exported pdf page with a single page image exported page.


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