Too many decimals.....

RE: Too many decimals.....
(2019-05-17, 13:01)Orion Pobursky Wrote: The Library file format restrictions, the number of digits after the decimal should be, at most, 3. This isn’t a hard limit but I’d just stick with 3 unless you can articulate a good reason

Yes i supposed that but how i limit the software to use only 3 decimals, so i don't edit every single number by hand. Our is a tool to do this?

Quote:Numeric Precision and Format

In general, three decimal places are sufficient for parts, sub-parts and primitives representing portions of parts that are not intended to be scaled (for example, studs, pegs, peg-holes, clips, hinge ends, etc). Four decimal places should be used for hi-res primitives and any primitives designed to be scaled (for example, cylinder sections, boxes, rectangles, discs, edges, etc) as this allows such primitives to be scaled by a factor of ten while still preserving three decimal places of accuracy. The primitives reference indicates which primitive families are not supposed to be scaled.
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