Some of my youth town series models

RE: Some of my youth town series models
(2019-05-02, 11:55)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Very nice! What renderer? No logo on studs? on these tiny models, they are really lacking Wink

im using, it may be not showing the logos due it has low resolution configured on the parameters. let me test with the tractor and upload it on hi res.

[Image: pYY9K6u.png]

UPDATE: No its not. i m rendering with hi res parameters now, and its not showing me the lego logos, i dont know why any idea?
Ldview shows me the logo on the studs. it should be an issue with studio configuration. or may be studio its not rendering any longer the lego logo. dont know

UPDATE2: yes its in the rendering configuratation on you can enable or not le stud logo.

[Image: TKv428L.png]

[Image: TeqPqgW.png]

they look like chinese Lego version lol

@philo render edition Wink

[Image: y9KCD5W.png]

This other render has enable some scratches on the bricks. (this are all options on studio render configuration) Stud logos / Uv degradation / Scratches)

[Image: JZLYIH4.png]

This has some extra Scratches and Uv Decoloration. it looks like he has a hardworkWink
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