Complete Speed Champions wheel inserts for Wheel 18976

RE: Speed Champions wheel inserts for Wheel 18976
(2019-04-12, 15:32)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I was planning to start working on 49098, but I could do 24308b instead. After all I made 24308a.
The subfile is still missing a second certify vote, and thats why it is still not released.
Maybe someone could give it a review?

I don't have 29117a/b.
Their shape is rather simple, but the pictures of those part all lack the vital height information I need.
I could do them, based on the Bricklink images, but I'm afraid they will be no good.
All of these wheel fronts are very different in thickness/height and shape/slope of the spokes.
Maybe I'll buy the F40 set. It looks to have 4 sets of covers.

The F40 is a fantastic little set, and yes comes with four different styles of wheel covers. I could measure approximate heights of the new covers with a mm ruler, but without calipers perhaps not accurate enough? Happy to shoot some close-up images if that would help.

These covers /are/ modeled in Mecabricks, for what its worth, and exportable as STL, OBJ, and Collada formats. Look to be reasonably accurate there.
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