Description of part 33909

Description of part 33909
Hi all,

Why do we call part 33909 "Tile 2x2 with studs on edge", while LEGO calls this a Plate 2x2 (with reduced knobs).
[Image: 6221467]
Same goes for 92593 which we do call a Plate (1x4 with two studs) and so does LEGO (Plate 1X4 W. 2 Knobs).
[Image: 6132263]
Shouldn't we describe 33909 as Plate too? I.g. "Plate 2x2 with Two studs on edge"?

Or change the description of 92593 to "Tile 1x4 with one stud on each edge" or something.

I always thought of 92593 more as a tile than a plate though... my 2 cts.

[edit] Same goes for 87580. More a tile than plate IMHO, though LEGO calls this a Plate too (2X2 W 1 Knob)
[Image: 6126090]

What do you guys think?
I say we call 33909 a Plate too.

Jaco van der Molen
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