(2019-05-27, 10:37)Gerald Lasser Wrote: I noticed that on the landing page for the OMR, there are no links at all in the descriptive text. May be this is due to the revamp. but I think they should be added.

Many of the links would be addressed in the "FAQ" page, but in my opinion to have the link directly there makes it easier to navigate (i.e. skipping the FAQ for some basic questions that are listed there)


That's a good point, well spotted haha. The OMR is now also on Github so if anyone feels like improving anything; feel free to fork and/or submit a pull request. For example a more rigorous task/idea I had was to use the same css framework as the main site (semantic I believe) so they would look more similar. Or create an on-site submission form. Create a better WebGL viewer. Or just fix typos and missing urls. Lots of things that can be added or improved.  Big Grin

In any case, I updated the links I'm working on updating the links. I don't have access to the server though, so you'd have to poke Orion to update it.
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