LDcad Colors. Where is...?

RE: LDcad Colors. Where is...?
(2019-03-03, 23:45)Michael Wilson Wrote: I'm having a blast playing around in LDcad. After I finished my first model, I wanted to price it out over at Bricklink. Unfortunately, many of the parts were unable to be found. It seems to me that some parts can't be found because of their color. Many technic bricks are "Light Bluish Grey"  but I cannot find that color on any color wheel in LDcad. Or maybe it's something completely different. Any ideas what this noob is doing wrong?


The bluish greys should be 71 and 72. The color chart is here:
That said, LDraw color numbers don’t necessarily match Bricklink color numbers. Both systems were developed independently so there is mismatch.
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