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Jude, let me make a clear point here: I feel offended and really annoyed by your complaint.
We have reviewed literally hundreds of parts, and spent hours and hours on that.
And we do it because we love it. You profit from that, without wanting to contribute as a parts
author or reviewer. All you do is:
- you order more parts to be created:
- you put time pressure on us:
And now:
- you complain that a certain part you want is not contained in the release.
I already can see the next step coming:
- blaming reviewers for voting hold at all.
Let me please ask you to stop that and reconsider.
It is completely normal in the reviewing process that some parts catch a hold vote,
and yes, even some of these votes may have to be corrected later.
However: they sort out what can quickly be approved, and what needs a more detailed discussion.
It leads to the effect that the parts reaching the PT Admin for review are ready-to-go in 99% of all cases,
and all in all makes life easier. Yes, there's a bunch of files with hold votes now on the PT,
but just register and fix their problems. In the meantime, lots and lots of other parts left the PT.
The 2 recent parts updates were just huge, and I ask you to help us bringing the backlog down,
instead of just sitting outside and complaining.
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