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(2019-01-28, 17:50)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
(2019-01-28, 16:33)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I'm current finishing the San Francisco Architecture set. The middle flex hose went fine but I need some pointers, instruction on how to do the end ones shown here:

Basically, I want a flex object that has the part 23443 as the end and also adjusts the angle of 23443 as the hose length is adjusted. Is this possible with LDCad? If so, can someone walk me through how to do it?

Here is how I do that...
- I plug a helper lightsaber into both connectors (flex part miss connectivity so it's easier to use the connect-aware lightwaber).
- Select the first one, press O. This defines a new local origin/orientation.
- select the flex part and press shift+c to move it to origin, then ctrl+home to make it default orientation (so it is aligned with lightsaber, amd more or less correctly placed in connector. You may need to fine tune position, but it's easy with local axis.
- Select the second light saber, press O
- Go to nested mode.
- Select the other end of flex part (control point).
- press shift+c and Ctrl+home to place and orient the other end.
- return to normal mode, delete lightsabers, select nothing and press O to go back to default origin/orientation.

Thanks Philo. I’m not sure you understood my request. I want 23443 as part of the flex object. I tried adding it as a path cap. This worked ok but the caps don’t adjust their angle based on hose length so I had to eyeball the angle of the 23443 manually. I’m satisfied with the result but is it possible to have the 23443 as a path segment?

PS. Is there a way to insert a path cap in LDCad itself? I had to add them using cut and paste via LDDP.
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