LDraw compatible Hubelino parts

RE: LDraw compatible Hubelino parts
(2019-01-04, 14:55)Rolf Osterthun Wrote: Hey,

half a year ago I started creating Hubelino (Duplo compatible Marble Run) parts for LDraw. Now someone at eurobricks asked if it would be possible to create them. Since I uploaded them, someone here might also be interested (some are still not finished).

You can find a preview of the currently existing LDraw compatible parts here; and you can download them: hubelino.zip (I hope I did not miss anything).


I downloaded the compressed package, which is very very great, but there is a problem.

For example, 43207.dat cannot be displayed correctly, and I cannot find files such as t04i8000.dat

what should I do?
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