Authoring Stickers - primitives or quads/triangles

Authoring Stickers - primitives or quads/triangles
I've begun to dip my toe into authoring parts. I've submitted a couple of stickers since they appear to be an easier place to start than a physical part. I'm in the process of authoring a round sticker and I'm seeking some guidance/recommendations to try to make the review process easier for whomever reviews my future submissions.

The image below shows the sticker within LD Pattern Creator. The colours do not match the sticker's true colours but have been set for the purpose of this discussion. At the moment, the green triangles are defined using a 2-4disc primitive. 

[Image: 640x636.jpg]

The things I am seeking guidance on are;
1) is it better to use primitives in stickers rather than an equivalent specification of triangle/quad line types?
2) if so, (and primarily for my education) is there any technical advantage in doing so other than a smaller resulting part file?

Thank you.


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