Help a Newbie combine multiple pre-existing models $25 reward

RE: Help a Newbie combine multiple pre-existing models $25 reward
(2018-12-10, 8:07)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: Attached is a (quite rudimentary) combined model. No need to pay  Wink
I opened both of the files in LDCad and then copied them over the a third, combined, model. Not sure if I did it in the most efficient way (I thought there was a simple import button in LDCad, but couldn't find it?), but it works so...

Working with these kinds of huge scenes is usually faster when they are not embedded in a single mpd.

Taken this into account I would advise to keep the original files as is and only create a new"village.ldr" which will serve as the root of the complete model.

This way you can easily open just the part you currently working on and it will allow for much faster loading of the whole thing as loose files can be loaded in parallel.

To make a loose main file in LDCad, do this:

open one of the loose ones.
Start a new model.
Disable part snapping, because models on models is extremely slow.
use SHIFT+INS to add the last used model (the loaded one) to the current model (the new one).
Place it somewhere.
Open the second model.
Press END (go to previous model)
Use SHIFT+INS again.
Repeat for any other models.
Save the new main model in the same place as the loose ones.

You can enable part snapping again if you want to add loose bricks to the scene again.
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