Can not submit any part since yesterday

Can not submit any part since yesterday
Hello everybody,

Since yesterday (03.12.2018), I am no longer able to submit parts on the tracker.

The reason for this must be a UTF8 / Ansi problem because my surname contains an "umlaut" (German "Ö").
The tracker generates an automatic upload blocking:

Header errors:

LINE 3: Author name (Ulrich Röder) must match registered name (Ulrich Röder) for Author ID (UR)

... and that, even though all parts were stored correctly in UTF8.

On my well-running system, only the update of the Nvidia driver has re-established, so this was the first suspect.
But even a rollback to the previous driver brought no improvement.

Also not another browser.

No matter what I save ... whether DATHeader, LDDesign Pad, or
LDPartEditor ..... always the same unpleasant result.

Maybe there was a change on the server, unnoticed, due to the extension of png. uploads for texmap?

"The error" is usually in front of the PC .... smile ... but I definitely find no clue ..... as I said ... except the driver update ... no changes on my part.

..any idea?
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