Suggestion for showing process within the PT

Suggestion for showing process within the PT
Dear all,
I got the request in the LAN forum, if it would be possible to bring an update with handled parts in a scheduled base - like every 2 weeks or every month.

The more I think of this idea, the more I like it. I think a list with new uploaded parts, parts with at least 2 cert votes, parts with Admin cert and parts that are released in an update could handle all these things.

I think, this would increase the user experience, if it would be a subpage with a link from the front page. Actually I feel, that a normal user is not very satisfied, that the main page doesn't change the content that often and most of the AFOLS I know, don't even know about the PartsTracker and it's function and some of them had already asked me in the part, if LDraw is dead or not. With this future they could see, that something is going on and that several parts are updated or whatever.

Best regards
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