Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!

RE: Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!
(2019-10-25, 18:17)Travis Cobbs Wrote: LDView has the following option in its Primitives preferences:
  • Draw transparent textures last
I discovered after the fact that you must check this option if you want things to work right. It will be removed in a future version of LDView. To set this on the command line, use -TexturesAfterTransparent=1.

One more thing. I think it was mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but in order for this to work right, you have to draw 3067a without the front face, and then add the textured quad with color 16. Alternatively, LDView will allow you to draw the textured quad with color 0x7000000 (invisible). If you do that, everything should look right in LDView, but it might not look right in LDCad.

Also, since you don't use 0 !: for the textured geometry, it will always be drawn. If textures are unsupported (or disabled in LDView), that will be drawn in addition to the fallback geometry. The reality is that you wouldn't want to do that. Instead, you should just get rid of the FALLBACK section.

If you update to use a subpart with everything except the front face, and then use the textured front face, you would continue use color 16 for that front face as you have it now, and wouldn't need any fallback. If you decide to use color 0x7000000 for the textured quad, it will just be invisible when texture mapping is disabled, but you definitely don't want the fallback geometry in that case either.
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