Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!

RE: Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!
(2018-11-06, 18:59)Travis Cobbs Wrote: You might try commenting out the box5-12.dat line of your sticker part. (Add "0 ", without the quotes, to the beginning of the line.) Also, change the color of the textured quad to be invisible:

0 !: 4 0x7000000   -50 -0.1 50   -50 -0.1 -50   50 -0.1 -50   50 -0.1 50

In LDView, this does what you want:

[Image: ZNywY2l.png]
Not sure about LDCad, though. I think the LDraw texturing spec makes it ambiguous about what the correct behavior is for the above. If LDCad has the texture's opacity match the underlying geometry, it won't show anything. If LDCad makes the texture itself fully opaque, it should match LDView.

There is another solution, but it's much more elaborate, and won't necessarily work. You can actually specify the bricks behind the texture inside the textured region, instead of the single quad that is there now. This also requires calculating the correct scaled texture coordinates, which the existing sticker doesn't have. Also, the bricks will be textured on both sides, so if the backs of the bricks show, it won't really work. Finally, anywhere that there aren't any bricks, the texture will be missing. But, assuming you're trying to get the texture to show on the side of a vehicle, it would work, as long as you can't see the backs of the bricks.

Thank you very much it did work as expected.

[img]blob:https://imgur.com/b19c8659-24c3-4219-947c-d26ba5480d79[/img][Image: yQdj2wb.png]

i did test your option before but only on ldcad. looks like the rendering is different than in ldview. ;Winkn ldview work ok and in ldcad the object its invisible.
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