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RE: 3 - Flexible parts that need segment changes
(2020-03-29, 11:11)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Basically for LQ flex parts, the trick is to increase overlap between segments. To do that, lower "Segment size" below 100%. If the visual length of the segment must be preserved (ends of flex axle), increase "Base size" proportionnally.
I tweaked my flex axle template ( because there were gaps in the ends of axles. I changed Segment size to 80% and Base size to 125%, now it looks good:

OK, that's better indeed. (I still have some minuscule seams visible, but I can tell they're due to primitive substitution, not segment overlap, since they're not at the joints between segments.) However, I thought we had to set all basesizes to 100%, because Studio isn't able to scale segments; why does it work in this case?
Also…does it look like I have a little gap between the subparts of the path cap (at the "hilt" of the axle end)? I don't think that's just a shadow. Perhaps I'll try the Philo version with the added 77.dat segments…
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