Using LDCad flexible parts with Studio

3 - Flexible parts that need segment changes
[Image: trickyflex.jpg]

This is the most complex situation: LDCad uses (scaled) segment parts that are not in LDraw library, so you have to find a suitable segment that is in library and modify flex part accordingly.

This is the case for strings, rubber belts, 9V and NXT/EV3 cables, Technic flexible axles and flex-system hoses.

How to change and unscale segments:
  • In LDCad nested mode, click on the flexible section of the part to select it, then right-click -> properties
  • Set Basesize=100%, Segment size = 50%, maxmerge = 1 as shown in this screen capture.
  • Change Donor placement type to Static references and Final scale to Segment merge only
  • Change the Part to the name of LDraw segment file.

[Image: skin2.jpg]

Suggested segment files:
  • 9V cable: 993.dat
  • NXT/EV3 cable: 932.dat
  • flex-system hose: 77.dat
  • round rubber band, strings: 4-4cyli.dat (result is a bit thin, but...)
  • square rubber band: box4o8a.dat
  • Body of Technic flex axle: axlehol8.dat. But you must also provide appropriate segments for the ends, so the best is to use this template!
Two other templates I made: NXT/EV3 cable, string with end studs.

 To use them, place them in the same folder as the matching regular templates, in %appdata%\LDCad\templates\path\

Files: LDraw, Studio

[Image: trickyflexrender.png]
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