Using LDCad flexible parts with Studio

2 - Flexible parts with scaled segments
[Image: unscaledflex.jpg]

Here LDCad fallback representation uses scaled LDraw segments, so you must tweak flexible parts to force LDCad to use unscaled segments. Otherwise flex parts looks like dashed lines in Studio, like this:
[Image: scaledflex.jpg]

This is the case for all Power Functions and Powered Up elements, as well as pneumatic hoses. You must always use the LQ template version (eg. Power Functions L Motor (LQ), Pneumatic Hose LQ). HQ versions don't use segment parts but a single mesh that can be visually better but don't import easily in Studio.

How to unscale segments:
  • In LDCad nested mode, click on the flexible section of the part to select it, then right-click -> properties
  • Set Basesize=100%, Segment size = 50%, maxmerge = 1 as shown in this screen capture.
[Image: skin1.jpg]

Of course you can also create a Studio compatible LDCad template instead of edit each and every flex part in your model!

I strongly suggest not to edit regular LDCad template, but copy it and edit the template copy. LDCad templates are located in %appdata%\LDCad\templates\ subfolders (Windows).

Here is for example a Studio-compatible pneumatic hose template. To use it place it in the same folder as regular template, in %appdata%\LDCad\templates\path\

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