Lpub 3d not showing PIL object

RE: Lpub 3d not showing PIL object
(2018-11-07, 11:11)Jaco van der Molen Wrote:
(2018-10-12, 20:30)tatubias Wrote: i have found the issue. it was nothing related what i was expecting.

it looks like lpub was looking thoes files on lpub3dldrawunf.zip and complete.zip as they were not there it did not add them into the PLI.

so what i did was copy them into the zip files and now its working as expected.

so problem solved. Smile

Your workaround is OK, but you can also automate it a bit. For unofficial or custom parts, do this:

Create a subfolder under the Unofficial directory you have i.e. C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\LDraw\\Unofficial\\your_custom_parts

Further, mimic the LDraw 'parts' and 'p' subfolder structure to end with the following additional structure under the Unofficial folder

Place your unofficial, custom parts and (if any) primitives in the respective custom folders

Find the LPub3D.ini file and put this line where LDraw Search Directories are configured. That line should read something like this:


LPub3D will now archive your parts to the lpub3dldrawunf.zip and should render and show the parts in PLI and BOM.

You can have more then one of these searchdirs separate by commas like for example this:

LDSearchDirs=C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\LDraw\\MODELS, C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\LDraw\\unofficial\\custom\\Parts, C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\LDraw\\unofficial\\Helpers\\parts

Do you use LDCad as editor? You can point to these folders too to use as parts library folders.
This way, you have complete control over your unofficial and custom parts and do not have to copy them manually.

In windows where is LPub3D.ini I can't find it.

I have a mix installation now between ldraw all in one and Lpub3D stand alone installation.

Probably if I'm brave enough I will remove all and install only Ldcad and Lpub3D with ldraw library to smoke it simple. Remove all pov leocad ldsynth etc
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