How to raise the lpub processing speed?

RE: How to raise the lpub processing speed?
(2018-07-11, 6:19)jass Wrote: I use the latest version of lpub and found some model is very slow in the step creation, more than 10mins for adjust 1 modification.
Question 1.
I don't know if there is something wrong in my ldr or mpd file as some models by more parts has no problem.
Question 2.
If I want to update the hardware for my PC, what's the most importantk? Memory?

Thanks for your suggestion.

First thing I would suggest on an existing system is using a ram drive for all the temporary files lpun generates.

Putting the whole LDraw library on it might help too.

@Travis (if you reading this): Has LDView single instance protection? If not this might speed up multiple calls to it. The calling program would need some sort of 'done' signal though.
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