LDCad 2.0 LDraw parser thoughts

RE: LDCad 2.0 LDraw parser thoughts
(2018-10-08, 14:18)tatubias Wrote: Other good thing is to add the APPLY button on the properties window. So you when you what to make some changes you can test the changes before accepting them.

Other could be an auto update every time a value is changed on the properties window. But if the model is heavy it may be an issue
In 1.6 you can always use undo after an accept if you don't like the result of a change.

With 2.0 I'm planning to have the properties window visible at all times by giving it a dedicated sub window (like the color and part bins).

This will prevent having to reopen the window multiple times while experimenting with something.

It will also allow editing properties of multiple (mixed) objects at once (e.g. color or x position).

This will work by the window only showing the shared properties of all those objects.
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