Looking for a parts author to team up with.

Looking for a parts author to team up with.
Hey all, so I really love Ldraw and this community and I'd like to help it out some as well as get some parts I've been looking for. Thing is, I am in a truck 24/7 and really don't have the time to learn to be a parts author, plus a bouncing mouse is hard to work with.

What I do have (well, I will soon) is a little spare cash, My idea is to buy some sets off ebay and have them mailed to a parts author for replication in Ldraw who would then mail the sets back to me. I figure this is important because a lot of the parts I'm interested in would need a 3d scan or being able to work with them directly.

Things like: 

Stingray helmet
Sting ray disk decal designone
Elves Dragon and animal heads

There's sure to be a lot to work out in order to make this work so I thought I'd get started on it before I was ready to buy some sets. Should be a month or so before I can start doing this.

Because I'm opting to send a few hundred dollars worth of parts to a relative stranger, I would need the community to vouch for any parts author interested in working on this. With one exception, my preferred choice is [color=green][b]Philippe Hurbain[/color][/b]. As the administrator of this site and a man who has already volunteered his free time to make me, a relative stranger some parts I feel if this idea has any hope of working then he's gotta be in good standing.

That being said, I wouldn't even humor this idea except that everyone here seems to be trustworthy, the community seems like a place of people who like to help out. Anyone interested in this idea should respond so we can work something out.

I should mention that because these sets can be pretty pricey, I'm not really volunteering to buy sets on request. I just want to fill out some classic sets from my childhood and some of the new ones I think are really cool.

Thank you, anyone who takes interest in advance.
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