LPub ROTSTEP - easy rotation?

RE: LPub ROTSTEP - easy rotation?
(2018-04-25, 7:42)Jetro de Château Wrote: One of my biggest problems when using LPub is rotating models to show where a part is attached. I can normally work ut 90º increments in my head, but when it comes down to a more complex rotation I am at a complete loss.

I have seen I can rotate the model using the LeoCAD pane in LPub, but have not found a way to extract the rotation information and use it as a ROTSTEP command. Is there an easy way to do this? There must be a better way to go about this than to punch in some numbers and hope for the best....

There is an easy way if you have LDCad installed:
  1. Rotate the model to the position you want
  2. Select the "STEP" command in the source window
  3. Right mouse click on it and select "Properties..."
  4. In the "Step Properties" dialog window click the "Sample view" command button. This will show you the required values.
  5. If you click the "Accept" command button it will change the STEP command to a ROTSTEP command with the appropriate value.


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