Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a

RE: Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a
(2018-04-02, 7:58)Jens Bauer Wrote: How did you calculate the last component (4.802) ?

I didn't calc anything.... I'm a more hands-on guy. Just grab and move.
A text editor like LDDP and LDView as a viewer, are a good place to start editing, but I recommend LDPE from Nils Schmidt.
Both LDDP and LDPE have a good error varning system. (In LDDP just press F10, to run.)

(2018-04-02, 7:58)Jens Bauer Wrote: In endcap.dat (and endcaph.dat), would I only need 4 cond-lines ?
... I would expect that I need 12 cond-lines in axlegroove.dat, is that correct ?

Unless you want to also add cond-lines agaist the axle.dat primitive, instead of edges.
I have to look at the result before judging.

I have often tried to describe how to create good cond-lines. Maybe the wiki is the best place to gather the knowledge.
Is it possible to add some sort of video in the wiki? Or a animated gif? It is only when you start to rotate stuff the concept gets really understandable.

Edges and Cond-lined should allways use colour 24
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