Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a

RE: Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a
(2018-03-28, 21:32)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Hej Jens,

Did you start from Chris file, the current official one, or from the reworked version I've uploded to the Part Tracker?
6216m = 6216ma+6126mb+6216mc+6216md  ( Why is it called "m" ? What does it stand for?)

Why did you number your motor "6216a" ? What does the a stand for?

You seem to know a lot about these motors.
Maybe we could make this a joint effort, and create some more improvments on the "subparts". They still need a lot of work before a release is possible. I want to create closed meshes. They aslo need to be moved from s/-folder to Part-folder.

What is the visual difference between 6216m, 6216a and 6228a, the 4.5V and 12V motors?
Do you know a good source of pictures of these motors?

Hej Magnus.

I started from the one that came with my ldraw installation (in the hope that it would be the most recent one - so my guess is that it's likely the 'official' one).
-But I'll try and check if there are any differences from the most recent one I can find here on ldraw.org, then I could likely apply the differences to the most recent one instead.

I don't know everything about the 4.5V Technic motors, but as I'm from Denmark and since my siblings and I were very interested in LEGO, our presents for christmas and birthdays were usually LEGO.
Some parts were likely only available in Denmark too; I think the 'arrow-motor' might be one of those candidates.
Note: I've later found out that the bearing is not nylon, but it's an oilite bronze bearing. I will update that information when I make the next submission.

I briefly spoke with Chris about the part numbering, 6216a was chosen because it's the very first variant of the 1977 "grey" motor.
I'm not completely sure why 6216m was chosen for the 'later' model.
6216me and 6216mf was chosen, since 6216md is reserved for other purposes.
I hope that 6216mh will be available for the arrow that goes on top of those with the oilite bearing.
(I'll have to purchase a motor with the arrow on top of it, if I am able to find one; I've already called LEGO and asked about it, but so far no success).

As for the 12V motors, we never had any of those (although we often saw it in the local store). My brothers weren't interested in it, because they were convinced it would not be as strong or fast as the 4.5V variant. -But it definitely looks better. Wink
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