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(2018-11-29, 3:52)Ben Supnik Wrote: Hi Y'all,

I'm sorry to have gone AWOL here -- for some reason my forum prefs got zapped to not email me, so I didn't realize there was news.

First, Warren: the good news is the latest tip of Bricksmith -will- run on Mojave.  I have been periodically fixing various breakages due to OS updates, so my guess is you're seeing something I have already fixed when maintaining Bricksmith for my own use.

The bad news is that compiling Bricksmith on Mojave/X-code 10 produces 3-d views where the parts are hidden.  The renderer is working - you can see the model in the debugger, but the scrolling views clip out the results.  I've been working around this by compiling builds on an older version of OS X until I have the patience to figure out what's gone wrong.

Orion, if you have any contact with Allen, the most useful thing would be to find out if we can get his blessing to do an updated release based on latest code; I'm happy to release a binary of what I have (which should work on Mojave) but I had been hoping to hear from him before taking the step of splitting the binary releases.

Regarding github, Bricksmith is already there, twice! I've been using GIT to track the official SVN repository for years, so when I found I had to build on an older Mac that I don't use to model, I got fed up and used github to 'port' the code over.

Turns out I'm not the only Bricksmith developer to do that - Robin beat me to it. :-)

From what I can tell, there's nothing stopping us from doing this (or releasing binaries), as the code is under a BSD license.  I would like to get Allen's blessing on a binary release though; Bricksmith is his brain child.

I forked Bricksmith to GitHub as well but haven't done anything with it. I'll abandon that fork in favor of yours. I do have contact with Allen so I'll message him tomorrow and point him to this post.
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