MLCad 3.50 is available

RE: MLCad 3.50 is available
(2018-02-20, 19:59)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2018-02-20, 8:04)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: I agree Orion, however I mainly create and edit models in LDCad, I ever so often edit in MLCad and use some features.
For example to apply Buffer Exchange and Rotation Steps which I find much easier in MLCad. Maybe because I was (am) so used to it for years.
I use MLCad Groups to work with Remove Group in LPub(3D).
I use the minifig generator too to create the basics for my minifigures. Especially for accessories (which do not always snap to hands) very handy.
Sort by height and add steps after change in height is still handy to add basic steps to a converted LDD model for example.
And I also like to make use of the "Draw to selected part" option to "step through" a model brick by brick.

Though MLCad is not my main editor anymore, but I cannot live without it. Developing it more would not be nesscesary for me, but making mentioned MLCad features available in LDCad for example would be nice.

I'm considering adding MLCad group support to LDCad 2.0, the only reason I 'invented' my own group meta is because I wanted them to be able to contain nested items and other groups. Maybe LPub will one day support the LDCad groups too Smile

Buffer exchange/and step rotation are already in 1.6 you just need to know how to add the metas (bufexchg in the special LDraw meta's part bin, step rotate by editing the current step.)

Minifig generator is something I have been dubbing about for some time because with shortcut inline/templates and part snapping you could argue it isn't really needed.

Sorting of lines can be done by a macro, but I understand this is a very high learning curve. There is a very basic script for this in the default set of macros though.

"Draw to selected" can be simulated by temporary inserting a step meta. But it will be in LDCad 2.

OK, good to see Roland.

Since it seems Trevor is picking up LPub3D again, maybe he will support LDCad groups.
I use groups in LDCad too for the purpose you mention: group nested items and groups in groups.

Rotation step I found, but Bufferexchange not. I'll look in to that.

Snapping all parts that a minifig can hold and fit in a minifig hand would be nice, not all parts do that.
Since recently I tried to get a minifig to hold a camera, but that part did snap to the hand. This one:
[Image: 2b43bcdc2d40267a560daab82a17c744.jpg]

I'll look into that scripting too. Perhaps I can understand.

Draw to selected part like that would require adding a step after every brick and with a model of many pieces and already correct steps in it not very convenient  ;-)
Jaco van der Molen
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