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(2017-12-26, 9:04)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Ah! your problme is simple: there is no building steps in your model so your building instructions just adds all parts (btw, THAT's a behemoth of a model!) at the first page. To create good building instructions, you have to break the model into smaller submodels and add building steps to make them buildable. That's a huge task, especially for a large model like this one that makes my editor (LDCad) crawl...
In order to help a bit, I added steps every ten parts in your model (using MLCad autostep function), resulting in a 650+ steps model. Won't be very usable, but at least you'll see what it looks like!

Good morning,

Thanks for the reply. I will start learning how to work with MLCad.
Can you help me a bit with pointing out where to find this autostep function in MLCad, and what do i have to use to break the submodels up in to more steps ?

Thanks in advance!
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