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(2017-12-08, 14:48)Willy Tschager Wrote: Feature request of the day:

I was trying to search my model for a specific part (either by part number or part of the description) in a specific color but couldn't. Tried to work around by using the history part usage but there are just uncolored versions. Tried to us Select in the Parts Project Window but it is to generic. Found further out that adding my set to the "Part listings of lego (sic!) sets" is a pain in the ass - beside the fact that it's an uncolored inventory.

To make it short you cannot search for a part in a set - or I was simply too dumb for it.

You mean with LDCad I guess? What I generally do is to add a part of the type I want to search (and color if needed) then select -> same part (and color). If the model contains submodels, use nested mode. To see deeply embedded parts, select -> invert then hide.
...but maybe I didn't understood correctly your problem...
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