[LDPartEditor] 0.8.38b Beta Released (Bug-Fix)

RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.38b Beta Released (Bug-Fix)
(2017-12-20, 19:14)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Bug report:
I can't pick all colours in the More colours palette.

In the 3D editor:
The window is not wide enough. I cant pick the last colours in each row.
The table seams to have 17 boxes with colours , but only 14 is visible.

In the Text editor:
The More colour pallete-button is not working.

As a user I want to use the scroll-wheel on mouse-over in the alphabetical list under Show Colour Table.
btw: What is the search function under that list supposed to do?
Seems to be machine dependant, everything is working here (including mouse wheel in alphabetic list). Yes, I see 17 columns. Search field is mysterious for me too...
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