[LDPartEditor] 0.8.38b Beta Released (Bug-Fix)

The future of Lines2Pattern
(2017-12-17, 19:31)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: While waiting for this feature in LdrawPatternCreator, I had the idea to try LDPE Line2Pattern tool for more or less the same function: use edger2 to create unmatched edge on the partially created pattern to delimit the area to fill, change generated line to color 24, add a line of the right color in the middle then call Line2Pattern. Unfortunately it doesn't work very well on the first try I made, that happened to be a relatively complex and concave area. Actually the convex envelope was triangulated, and not all generated surface had the middle line color...
Attached the initial line configuration and buggy result.

As a side note: I don't think this method is very usable anyway since the preparation overhead is quite high...

There is a workaround: you can create more green middle lines (see attachement).

I created an issue (#652) which includes "fill" and some triangle optimisations.

I will port this feature to LDPatternCreator when the implementation of Lines2Pattern is reaching a decent state in LDPE.

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