[LDPartEditor] 0.8.38b Beta Released (Bug-Fix)

[LDPartEditor] Slanting Matrix Tool (0.8.39)
I started the implementation and updated the description for the SlantingMatrixCalculator (AKA slanting tool) in issue #614.

For the basic workflow you have to create two (or three) adjacent lines (TYPE 2), select them and then select the subfile(s). Finally, you have to open the SlantingMatrixCalculator tool to verify and apply the calculated matrix to the subfiles(s).

Four steps:
  1. Line creation (with colour 4, 2 and 1; red/green/blue; X/Y/Z)
  2. Line selection
  3. Subfile selection (inluding or excluding lines; doesn't matter)
  4. Open the SlantingMatrixCalculator tool to verify and apply the matrix to the subfiles(s).

PS: You can also decide if the origin should be set to the center of the X- and the Y-axis (useful for rect-primitives).
This will of course halve the magnitude of X and Y!
And it is not required to define the Z axis with the 3rd line. The Z axis can be calculated from X and Y (by cross-product). In that case I would normalise the magnitude of the Z axis to one.

Any thoughts on this?
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