New Keywords For Precision Search (very radical idea)

RE: New Keywords For Precision Search (very radical idea)
Thank you for the positive responses.

I have just spent an awful lot of time updating keywords for 406 patterned torsos, expanding ldrawlist.txt with 22 Kb.
But it was worth it; the result is very promising.

One problem I soon stumbled on was how to define a button! Sounds simple, but some space alien torsos can be virtually impossible. My solution is to have multiple numbers in some tricky cases. The same goes for some jackets where one can assume that there is a zipper. Just like some 3039p* slopes in Classic Space, you can have different opinions about which circles and quad's are lamps and which are buttons. I've been generous and counted some "looks like a button/zipper/pocket" as hits.

I've also introduced the keyword 'Dual' - but not from when I started this work. I realized the need after a hundred torsos or so. But I will go back and check the first ones. I strongly recommend this keyword for minifig heads and bricks with double-sided print also.

I started out on belt and "belt clip", but didn't like it. Belt and buckle is better. Best would dedicated variable names be, like the three I've tried out already: zpr, btn, and pkt. Why? Because then you can get more powerful filtering even in those environments that miss the option to put a minus sign in front of search words.

Another good word would be wrinkles. But also a bit hard to define at times. Are these lines wrinkles or pockets...?

Maybe also neck color.

Base color has been mentioned before. This can be a very effective filter if implemented, especially later for non-yellow minifig heads. Very few patterned torsos have come in more than two colors. They can be left without that data. I would prefer to write it as one word, as a "Blue" standing alone will make a false hit with the keyword "blue pen" in most search engines. So, BCLBlue or PCLBlue wouldn't look quite so nice, but would make much easier and better precision even with already existing search tools, as LDList.

So, when I'm finished with this first step, we have zpr(n), btn(n), pkt(n) mandatory for torsos. And Dual, tie, bowtie, belt, buckle, and navel consistently when they appear. Did I forget anything here? I certainly did.

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