LPUB Callout Pointer syntax & bending

RE: LPUB Callout Pointer syntax & bending
(2017-10-16, 20:46)David Manley Wrote:
(2017-10-16, 17:50)Jörg Schwarzländer Wrote: I was testing and using LPub3D. I use linear projection of textures to model stickers. LPub3D is supporting this, only.

I did similar tests and couldn’t figure out the usage / meaning of this parameter, either. As I am looking for the “trick” to generate in LPub3D buckled pointers for call outs I wondered if this parameter is used for this. But it doesn’t seem so.

I anyone can help stating if in LPub3D buckled pointers (e.g. starting from the call out’s bottom downwards, than turn left to end at the model) are possible or NOT possible, this would be a great help.

Hi Jörg,

I've had a quick look at an old thread on LUGNET and tried out a couple of things in LPub3D. I suspect that "bent" callout arrows are not possible via the CALLOUT command. While the <floatX> and <floatY> can be used to place the arrow head in a position relative within the target assembly (top left corner is 0.0, bottom right corner is 1.0, 1.0 - and the arrow head can be placed outside of the target image e.g. 1.5, 1.5), the arrow tail appears to be anchored to the callout border (e.g. the TOP, BOTTOM, etc).

I've had a quick 5 minute look at the source code for LPub3D to see if I could easily see what the intBase parameter is used for but wasn't able to easily identify its purpose.

A plus from looking at the source code for LPub3D. It looks like Trevor has been making some changes to the code in recent days. Fingers crossed, there may be an update in the pipeline.  Smile



Hi David.
Thank you for your effort – as well thank you for your effort Bertrand.
I know now all options and will find my way. And of course, I will keep my fingers crossed for all upcoming changes ?
I am thankful for all your hard work you spend to create all those tools I can use to have my fun in modeling models and creating the building instructions for them.
Best Regards
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