LPUB Callout Pointer syntax & bending

RE: LPUB Callout Pointer syntax & bending
(2017-10-13, 20:17)Bertrand Lequy Wrote:
(2017-10-09, 20:12)Jörg Schwarzländer Wrote: Can someone please explain to me the meaning/syntax of the <intBase> Parameter in the both metas


0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER (TOP|BOTTOM|LEFT|RIGHT) <floatLoc> <floatX> <floatY> <intBase>

And in addition: Is there any chance to model a bended arrow/pointer? If so, how?

If I missed some sources bringing light in this, please point me to them.

Are you talking about LPub or LPub3D ?

I made some tests with LPub 3D and changing the <intBase> value did not seem to change anything. However when I moved the arrow or the callout in the graphic window, the parameter cames back to 0.

It may be an artefact of the old LPub or reserved paramater for future improvement. The better is to ask Trevor Sandy.

I was testing and using LPub3D. I use linear projection of textures to model stickers. LPub3D is supporting this, only.

I did similar tests and couldn’t figure out the usage / meaning of this parameter, either. As I am looking for the “trick” to generate in LPub3D buckled pointers for call outs I wondered if this parameter is used for this. But it doesn’t seem so.

I anyone can help stating if in LPub3D buckled pointers (e.g. starting from the call out’s bottom downwards, than turn left to end at the model) are possible or NOT possible, this would be a great help.
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