Import/insert ldr/dat file in LDCad

RE: Import/insert ldr/dat file in LDCad
(2017-10-07, 18:27)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: So I dragged my minifig models in the main file. This works.
But what I meant was actually that the file itself was imported in the model as a submodel in the MPD structure.
This way I can only inline and have to create a submodel yet again.

What I would like is the same feature like MLCad's Import Submodel.

Embed unofficial content is the same as 'import model'.

Do note: There is a small bug (or rather an overview on my side) concerning doing that with a mpd, it will only embed its main model I'll fix that for 1.6b but embedding a single ldr should work like you want.
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