Import/insert ldr/dat file in LDCad

RE: Import/insert ldr/dat file in LDCad
(2017-10-07, 7:21)Jaco van der Molen Wrote:
(2017-10-06, 12:22)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: One thing that mostly works is to drag/drop wheelchair.ldr onto ldcad screen, and choose "use file by reference". "Mostly", because there seems to be a problem finding the wheelholder file, even if I put model, wheelchair.ldr and wheelholder.dat in the same folder. But if I put everything in the same fordel and inline wheelchair.ldr, the wheelholder does appear...
Edit: OK, dunno what I did wrong before, now I see the wheelholder, no matter where I put wheelchair and wheelholder
Now this uses file as reference. To put the wheelchair in the mpd itself, right click on it, reorganize -> embed unofficial content.

Ok gonna give this a try. I have a few minifigs generated by MLCad that need to go in a models. 
Of course I can put them in manually too in the mpd, but doing it in LDCad is faster this way.

So I dragged my minifig models in the main file. This works.
But what I meant was actually that the file itself was imported in the model as a submodel in the MPD structure.
This way I can only inline and have to create a submodel yet again.

What I would like is the same feature like MLCad's Import Submodel.
Jaco van der Molen
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