Train Hooks from the 1960's x507, x508 and their plates.

RE: Train Hooks from the 1960's x507, x508 and their plates.
It's about time to finalize this chapter... and get rid of the HOLD votes, that circle around the naming of these parts.

Starting Point:
  • I am using x886 for the base of the Hook, where the hook consists of two fused parts
  • I am using the x508 to represent the parts, where hook and base are moulded as one piece.
  • All required plates (for the shortcuts) are official, they need some touch-up

There are two bases available:
  • u886a, round hole
  • u886b, rectangular hole
I constructed the corresponding hooks:
  • x508a, to fit the round hole (HOLD, because of naming)
  • x508b, to fit the rectangular hole¬†(HOLD, because of naming)
so far so good, now the collection of available hooks:
  • u886ac01, consisting of u886a and x508a (HOLD, because of Part Type)
  • u886bc01, consisting of u886b and x508b
  • x508 (single mould)
Adding the official plates, gives us several shortcuts (see the overview)

Now, let's address the "HOLD" reasons, starting with the easiest first:
  • 509c01-f1 and 509c02-f2: Just a copy paste error in the name, needs to be "Type 2" in both
  • u886ac01 and u886bc01:
    -> Part Type: An objection is that this should be a shortcut, my argument against is that these parts can only be disassembled by destroying them, so in my view this would be a part. Also concerning the rendering, there should be no gap between these parts, as they are fused together.
  • x508a, x508b and also x508, u886ac01, u886bc01:
    -> Naming: Should the "stand-alone hooks", x508a and x508b carry a different name? i.e. some "u"-name?
    should u886ac01 and u886bc01 be renamed to a x508a and x508b, i.e. that their name reflects their relationship for consistency? What would we name the hooks then? OR should x508 be renamed to u886c? 
  • I would also swap the suffix -f1 and -f2 of the shortcuts in order to be aligned with the (official) magnet 4023c01 and 4023c02, where "1" is for Coupled and "2" is for Uncoupled position.

EDIT: added one option concerning the naming
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