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Thank you both for your tips and explanation, Owen and Philippe.
I understand the technical reason for that jump but I'm not a machine Smile This is often a case in LDCad GUI: it tends to be too technical. This case about surprising jump is a perfect example, this is why I request LDCad being more intuitive here.

About placing big submodels: big thanks for the tip, Philippe! It looks like a useful workaround for now. And as I cannot absolutely estimate when we will see LDCad 2.0 (in a year? or more? it's a complex piece of SW...) it really a worth to have such workaround!

One request more: usually I know (in advance) where I want to place new part. It's unnecessary to fly with the new part at cursor, over all the model, letting all parts of the model "pull" the new part to their snap points. Especially when it's sometimes hard to point to the final place (try to put 40t gear on axle). It would be great to ave an alternative: mark the destination part on the model in advance so the new part will snap to this part ONLY - just cycle trough its snap points. Or even better, select the specific snap point in advance. More clever heuristics would even filter snap points of the new part so only those matching the selected one are active...

More generic: to be able to mark both snap points which I want to join (one on each part) and press "join".
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