My first (non-patterned) parts!

RE: My first (non-patterned) parts!
(2017-08-29, 1:18)Mikkel Bech Jensen Wrote: Also I completely missed some duplicated quads.


All three error checking programs I use, found the exact same duplicated quads in the old s\30585s01-file.
LDPE, LDDP and DATHeader.

DATHeader is The tool to use for error checking, and autocorrection, before uploading.
In your parts, it also tells us that the description is incorrect. There must be double spacing in the size dimensions.

~Hose Joiner 2 x 4 x 3 - Tube Joiner A
~Hose Joiner  2 x  4 x  3 - Tube Joiner A

Do you see the difference?
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