[LDPartEditor] 0.8.34 Beta Released (Textedit.Hide&Show / Selection Info / Usability)

Milestone 0.8.35 / Total backlog is small

Milestone 0.8.35 has currently only three open user stories:
  • As a user I want to see where the protractor is fixed.
  • As a user I want to see where the distance meter starts.
  • As a user I want a shortkey to toggle the BFC winding of a selection.

In the next weeks I will focus less on implementation tasks.
I need more good user stories for future versions of LDPE.
The current backlog is extremely small. There are about 40 open issues in total and many of them are not the best bang for your buck or have no business value at all.
I'll try to be creative and experiment a little bit, before I continue to work on the backlog.

BTW, my last great bug hunt was a long time ago and LDPatternCreator needs some attention, too.

Leg godt

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