Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray

RE: Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray
Quote:Mmh.... You should not "see" the separated hinge and plates. This means that you put the subparts (those whose file names end up as ...s0x.dat) in the wrong folder. They should go in the subpart folder (Documents/LDraw/parts\s). This also answer your (3) question: you should not be able to access them

Wow, having gone back through I found that I epicly failed this installation. I discovered that I had failed to download the actual part and put the 4 subfiles as you suggested in the wrong folder. Thank you for the help.

Quote:The large wing shape is now available!

This part is awesome, I am so looking forward to some original designs with these. As well as tackling the standard ones.

Quote:Forgot to comment on this... This part (stinger) is dirt cheap on Bricklink, less than one buck. And if you go with the transparent part only it goes down to less than 10 cents [Image: wink.png]

Problem is shipment cost and minimum order. If I happen to buy something on BL and by chance the vendor has one of these parts I'll buy one.

Sounds great man, I think I'll look into that, if shipping ain't bad maybe I'll just see about them shipping it to you.
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