Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray

RE: Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray
(2017-04-12, 17:52)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
(2017-04-12, 16:22)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Do you know if the printed area is raised or recessed? We might need to adapt the part 30231 first. The part at PT is not made correct yet.

You say in your first post "decal", but this is a printed pattern. Right?
Sooo... I made a deep search in my oddball parts, and found again a pair of large insectoid wings. Structure is fully symmetrical (so the left/right version depend only on the side where the print is applied). No rise or recess for the pattern. The line that appears of the model of the small wing present on PT materialize the polishing difference: middle patternable area is shiny, border is grainy, slope brick style (but finer grain). Dunno if we can do something about this...

Magnus, if I understand you correctly (I'm still learning the lingo) there is an error with the small insectoid wing, which is detail at Part Tracker (PT?). Which if your willing to correct any issues with that part, then that's fantastic. As for the word 'decal' I tend to use words lightly with vague meanings, its not intentional. Its been a while since I've held one of those wings in my hand but I am pretty sure they are printed. Of course Philippe actually has one and through out some very technical descriptions which sounds like they are more useful.

Philippe, Thank you for searching for that part and providing those details.

While we are on the subject part number:x239
found on Part Tracker here:

seems to be missing the ridging detail along the transparent plastic:

I just want to say thank you both for being so helpful, I really love Ldraw. I used to have a decent amount of LEGOs as a kid and they are now lost, likely in deep storage and I just don't have the money to replace them. Being able to make these sets again, work with these parts and make my own original designs is such a rewarding pass time. Missing these parts was kinda downer but your helping so fast its crazy. Your excellent assistance is really inspiring me to be a contributing member of the community. I'm not sure about parts authoring, it seems so precise and technical and that's just not how my brain tends to work but I've learned the program so fast. In time I have some ideas for tutorials and if I can figure out one final detail I might be able to release completed sets rigged for easy animation.
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