LDD can't convert .lxf to .ldr

LDD can't convert .lxf to .ldr

I made a post about this a day or two ago and the replies were very helpful. However, I tried posting again after I thought the problem was resolved, but no reply. So, I thought I'd make this post to help settle the issue.

For some reason (as previously stated), LDD on my PC can't convert .lxf to .ldr, which is very frustrating, since I can't find anyone online with a similar problem  Undecided

I contacted LDD customer support, but they couldn't solve the problem. I also downloaded the Digital-Bricks LDD to LDraw file converter, but that didn't work. (I think it might be outdated). 

Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Are there any sites or programs that can convert .lxf to .ldr?

I don't think posting zip files will be useful since I have about seven LDD project files to export. 

Anyway, thanks in advance for the help   Shy

- Luis
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