Invisible texmap pattern

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(2017-03-24, 18:17)Travis Cobbs Wrote: For reasons that I don't understand, the above doesn't work in LDView. I will be investigating that. What it's supposed to do is include a second copy of the textured geometry, and have that second copy face the opposite direction. It doesn't work, and I don't yet know why.

I won't show in LDCad ether, not because the texture isn't rendered (it does show if you remove the s\3960s01.dat line, but because of the rendering order I think.

Transparent parts aren't 100% in LDCad ether indeed, I've had a discussion about this very part with Philo this week as he expeted the patterned part of the png to be non transparent even for transparent parts.

I'm going to make some tweaks for the next version but I doubt it'll be perfect as I'm currently restricted by the fixed OpenGL pipeline. The 2.0 rendering engine will use all custom shaders so things should be better once that gets going. Hopefully just in time for official parts using textures Smile

edit: confirmed, for LDCad, it is/was the rendering order I swapped something around and now Travis' version does show the texture on both sides.
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