LDCad - find step number of a brick

RE: LDCad - find step number of a brick
(2017-01-27, 17:10)Juergen Wrote: Dear all
I'm using Rolands LDCad for building modells for a few weeks now . is there a way to determine the step number of a certain brick. The only way I know is using the step menu and go forwar or back until I know in which step a certain brick is. Is there an easier way to figure out the step number of a brick?
Yes: select part, then in stepping menu (accessible either by right click, or by clicking on top left setp number field) choose "selected". Learnt that recently...
Quote:Otherwise it would be great to have this Information in the property window of this brick and if the brick is in the wrong step the number might be editable so I could correct this directly.
Looks like a good idea. OTOH source window works well for that too.
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