Question on "Plates without Corner" (2450/30503/26601)

RE: Question on "Plates without Corner" (2450/30503/26601)
(2016-12-13, 17:06)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: It looks to me like you have a rounding problem. Only two decimals might not be enough here.
Did you copy the prims from the other parts?

Turn on "Wireframe" and zoom in really close (by changing "View mode") to the corner, and you'll see that the lines don't coincide into a single vertice.

Those are screenshots of the existing official files (first from 2450, second and third from 30503). The errors were the reason I was asking what's acceptable on a new file and what's not.

Magnus' 26601 version on the other hand looks clean even in LDCad, somehow I missed it last week.
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