Some more findings in LPub3D

RE: Some more findings in LPub3D
(2016-09-13, 14:16)Trevor Sandy Wrote: Thanks for sending these findings. Indeed, items 1 and 2 are known areas of weakness. Actually, I have to rewrite the page attributes functionality because (among other limitations) they are placed relative to each other which can give strange behaviors. 

On the second item, the logic to properly identify used parts is really tricky. At some point I have to design a more consistent framework. I'll take a look.

I was not aware of the last item. If you can model an example that would be excellent.

OK, I'll make an example.

(2016-09-13, 14:16)Trevor Sandy Wrote: ... on my side, good news! I finished the patch for managing mixed page size and orientation during printing. It was a bit of a challenge but it was fun. Basically, LPub was using the default print engine (with pdf format output) which functions just as a physical printer. This means that as no one is likely to physically print different size pages during the same print run (at least not in standard printing), the pdf printer seems unhappy when you try to switch page size while the printer is active. Switching to the pdfWriter engine removes the limitation on both size and orientation while the 'printer' is active.

Great! Is that in 2.0.10?
Jaco van der Molen
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